Itinerario nelle Marche. Scopri le opere d'arte divise per ogni citta dell'itinerario
Mappa delle Marche jesi urbino ancona loreto recanati cingoli monte san giusto mogliano
Biglietto lorenzo lotto nel mondo biglietto unico lottesco


L as Lorenzo Lotto – Spelling-book

refresh It’s easy to recognise beauty (if you know how to do it)
Amat per Refresh Project!

The need to recover arts’ basic experiences – the abc – is what gave birth to this project. The aim of Amat per Refresh! is to recommend youngsters to use these

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Restoration of The Polyptych of San Domenico and other paintings by Lorenzo Lotto

Restoration of The Polyptych of San Domenico and other paintings by Lorenzo Lotto. After 300 days at the restoration site and the renovation of 6sqm, the restoration of the monumental complex “San Domenico” has come to an end. It is one of Lotto’s most important works, which thanks to the works of the laboratories COO.BE.C. of Spoleto and funding by Enel, has started to show its vivid colours and its amazing details again.

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New lighting of Lotto’s paintings housed in Marche

New lighting of Lotto's paintings housed in Marche As part of the project Terre di Lotto (Lotto’s lands) five new lighting fixtures of Lotto’s paintings housed in Marche’s churches have been installed. They are LED energy-saving bulbs, created using modern technology and aimed at the control of the light and the perception of chromaticism; they were specifically developed and produced by Targetti Sankey

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Freccia The fourth dimension in Lorenzo Lotto and Mario Vespasiani’s artwork

Freccia The Pinacoteca Civica in Ancona is closed for renovation

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