Bibliography and publications

1) Lorenzo Lotto

By Giovanni C. F. Villa
Monographic catalogue
This monographic catalogue, published on the occasion of the important exhibition devoted to the painter presented at the “Scuderie del Quirinale” (Quirinal Stables in Rome), trace the profile of this magnificent and solitary artist, who was born in the fifteenth century, was able, in a completely original and independent manner, to reconcile the traditional elements of the great paintings of his era with elements that already pre-date the Baroque age.
23 × 28 cm – 312 pages – 200 colour illustrations
EAN 97888-3661952-8 – Silvana Editoriale

2) Lotto nelle Marche (Lotto in Marche)

By Vittoria Garibaldi and Giovanni C. F. Villa
Volume of study and restoration
In honour of a great artist who has marked the cultural and artistic history of Marche so much, a book that, according to critical texts, supports the results of studies related to events of preservation and diagnostic investigation in the Marche region. Published by Silvana Editoriale, supported by the Marche Region and BNL Bank BNP Paribas Group.
23 x 28 cm
262 pages
Silvana Editoriale

3) nostro lunedì(Our Monday)

By Francesco Scarabicchi

The first publication of the periodical of writings, images and voices is entirely dedicated to Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche region. A “special publication” linked to the meaning and importance of the presence of such an artist in the heart of the pictorial heritage – and not only – a region with boundaries and traditions that come together in the present.
Edizioni Aniballi
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4) Alla scoperta di Lotto (Discovering Lotto)
Itinerary Guide, Marche

Guide Book
Published in Italian and English it offers travellers in Marche an additional tool to discover the art and the excellence of the territory and cultural craft that have few parallels in the world.
19,5 x 19,5 cm – 98 pages
Illustrations in colour. Free publication, available in the main reception of the tourist information centres participating in the project and structures housing initiatives about Lorenzo Lotto.

5) Lorenzo Lotto – Un incontro (An encounter)

by Mario Dal Bello
This book, which fits into the rich book series LEV dedicated to art and religion, examines the figure of Lorenzo Lotto, one of the greatest Italian painters of the sixteenth century. The text includes a preface by the Director of the Vatican Museums, Antonio Paolucci and contains more than 30 colour reproductions of works by Lotto.
17 x 24 cm
94 pages
EAN 9788820986063
Libreria Editrice Vaticana (Vatican Publishing)

6) Lorenzo Lotto e le Marche: per una geografia dell’anima (Lorenzo Lotto and Marche: for a geography of the soul)

Acts of the International Symposium: 14-20 April 2007
The publication includes lectures from leading art scholars of the national and international scene, such as Antonio Paolucci, Vittorio Sgarbi, Carolyn C. Wilson and Arnold Nesselrath during their work in the different offices of Marche that housed the initiative. About 400 pages in which not only are the paintings analysed but also the personality of Lorenzo Lotto, and his relationship with the Marche region.
19 x 26,5 – 392 pages
EAN: 9788809745254 – Giunti Editore


7) Lorenzo Lotto “ … mi è forza andar a far alcune opere in la Marca … ” (…I must got to Marche to produces some works of art…)

by Loretta Mozzoni e Gloriano Paoletti

The publication analyses with scientific rigour all the works of Lotto in Marche

223 pages
with numerous pictures in black and white, and colour

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