The Crucifixion, 1529/’34

The Crucifixion, 1529/'34

The Crucifixion, 1529/'34 - Monte San Giusto

The artist organises the painting dividing it into 3 separate levels, which are related to each other and marked by a filtering light from the left which unites the scene and shows the gesticulation of the people under the 3 crosses raised against a dark and terrible sky. A strong dramatic tension propagates from above, which is the place of absolute tragedy, and descends into a guilty crowd which is unaware of what is happening. In the articulation of several moneti, a symbolic figure is that of Mary Magdalene who spreads her arms in a gesture which creates a junction line between the foreground and the background. On the angel’s invitation, the client, who is kneeling down and has his arms crossed, focuses on a group of pious women, while all around the mass of men and horses follow a precise figurative direction where every move, every look and every pain is sent back to another and a growing pathos finds its peak in that “end of the world” sky which lies on all those present.

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