Church of S. Maria di Piazza

The old Church, which had a single aisle and a golden wooden paneled ceiling , received in 1548, on the main altar, the altarpiece “The Assumption”, was built by the Community of Mogliano between 1532 and 1542, near the ancient Oratory The Lady of Mercy. It was rebuilt as it is today during the second half of the eighteenth century, it now has three aisles with a superior chancel flanked by two side chapels, following the design of the architect Giambattista Rusca, from Lugano.

Chiesa di Santa Maria in Piazza The paintings, which decorate the side altars, are outstanding: The Pietà from 1789, which was painted by Alessandro Ricci from Fermo; a painting of the blessed Pietro di Mogliano among his fellow citizens affected by the plague which was painted by Giambattista Fabiani from Mogliano in 1786. There is also The Madonna del Rosario, clearly influenced by Lorenzo Lotto, and an altarpiece, painted by Francesco Mariani, in 1711, which represents The Madonna of Loreto.

Works on display

The City of Mogliano

On a ridge between the valleys of the rivers Cremone and Ete Morto you can see Mogliano, located in the middle of the hills of Macerata, halfway between the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic coast.

Mogliano is surrounded by local olive trees, the village still has some of its medieval town walls, which enclose it, there are splendid buildings and churches, which were built during the eighteenth century. Time doesn’t seem to have passed since then. It is amazing to walk along the streets and stop in the squares and to catch every now and then glimpses of unexpected beauty.

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